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Branded is about putting content before advertising. Social is about connecting directly your audience. I feel the magic happens when they both intersect. My clients include FOX, ESPN, Ubisoft, Nissan, Footlocker and international clients. My experience is broad and I've done everything from directing narrative content for MARVEL properties, shooting a digital campaign with 12 NFL legends/ Heisman winners, to traveling the world to pollinate social platforms with fly lifestyle content.

I worked with FOX Broadcasting and writers from MARVEL'S The Gifted TV show to direct post credit bonus scenes that played immediately after various episodes. They were also rolled out across FOX's social platforms.

This is a branded music video for Ubisoft to promote the video game release of “The Crew 2” in the German market. I created the concept and script with the agency and served as Executive Producer. It’s featuring the hip hop artist, Summer Cem, one of Germanys hottest rappers.

I partnered with ESPN Creative Works to write and direct this project for Footlocker with NIKE. Talent: NBA Champion Kyrie Irving.

This is part of a digital campaign I did for TBWA\Chiat\Day that was a co branded effort between Nissan and ESPN featuring 12 Heisman winners- most of which went on to become NFL legends. 

This social activation happened in Sri Lanka. The mission was to create a variety of organic branded content for Roadster, an Indian clothing company. The project was an overwhelming success and out activation was the #1 trending thing on Twitter in India. Check out the impact video for a rundown.